Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Hydrodynamics of a New Type of Fixed Valve Tray

Xingang Li†‡, Na Yang†, Yongli Sun*†‡, Luhong Zhang†, Xuegang Li†, and Bin Jiang†‡

†School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and ‡National Engineering Research Centre of Distillation Technology, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, People’s Republic of China


A three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model was developed to predict the hydrodynamics of a new type of fixed valve tray. The model considered gas- and liquid-flow within the Eulerian framework in which both phases were treated as interpenetrating continuum having separate transport equations. Interphase momentum transfer term was employed for describing the interfacial forces between the two phases, and the related average gas hold-up was obtained via the regression equation from experiment data. Calculations were carried out using the commercial packages ANSYS CFX 12.0. Clear liquid height, gas hold-up, and gas and liquid velocity profiles were predicted for various combinations of weir height, gas, and liquid flow rates. The predicted clear liquid height was generally in good agreement with measurement. The information predicted by the CFD model can be used in the optimal design of industrial trays.