Brief Introduction


Multi-scale Process Intensification (MPI) laboratory is from the school of chemical engineering and technology, Tianjin University. The MPI laboratory is led by Professor Zhang Lvhong, who is one of “TJU Top 10 best tutors 2017” and Professor Sun Yongli, the Vice President of school of chemical engineering and technology. The laboratory focus on developing green chemical process and energy saving equipment research based on mass transfer and separation technology. They have successively won 1 second prize of national scientific and technological progress, 5 second prizes or above of provincial or ministerial level, 1 golden medal of Tianjin patent prize. Starting from the engineering practice, Multi-scale process intensification laboratory is project-oriented. The laboratory has taken charge of 1 sub-project of the national 973 program, 1 sub-project of the national key research projects and has completed several engineering research projects. Currently, the team consists of six teachers, 4 of them have senior titles, and more than 30 doctor/master candidates in school.

Research fields

Mainly engaged in basic research and engineering application of mass transfer and separation technology, multi-scale process intensification laboratory carries out researches including fluid dynamics in separation process, multi-phase complex flow behavior, multicomponent mass transfer mechanism, fine separation technology, waste gas and waste water treatment technology, simulation and analysis of separation process, energy saving and intensification of separation process. At the same time, they actively develop interdisciplinary research and commit to reveal multi-scale characteristic of multi-phase chemical process, in order to realize efficiency enhancement, saving energy and consumption reducing in various application fields.

Major achievements

  1. Develop super capacity, diversified injection-production fluid matching technology and equipment for oil exploitation independently.
  2. Research on oil/water separation theory and technology for polymer flooding produced liquid.
  3. Optimization and development of large tower, and high-efficiency heat exchange equipment.
  4. Development of novel desulfurization absorbent for water saving, consumption reducing and recycling.

Cultural Construction

If you want to know straight, you must be sure. There is no rule and no rules. In terms of management, the laboratory has a complete set of rules and regulations and management system. The management and execution of the laboratory’s safety, finance, regular meetings, attendance and other systems are all responsible for the full-time teachers, and there are special personnel responsible for the compilation of experimental data, the use and maintenance of equipment, and ensuring that the laboratory operates safely and orderly under standardized management.

Promote sharing and guide mutual assistance. The laboratory has formed a benign model of “supervising teachers and helping students to help each other”. Regular academic seminars and various software and instrument use experience exchange meetings will be held, and the instructors and students will continue to communicate, collide, and make progress together. The research team also customized a notebook with a laboratory logo for everyone to record the bits and pieces of scientific research.

A relaxation, work and rest. The research team attaches great importance to the construction of environmental culture with the core of the family. Under the careful arrangement of everyone, the green plants placed everywhere in the graduate work room let everyone feel the warmth of life. In addition to scientific research, the research team will hold tea parties and conduct various cultural and sports activities from time to time. During the festive season, the teachers of the project team will also prepare small gifts such as moon cakes and scorpions for the students to let everyone experience the warmth of home. The collective travel of the graduation season allows everyone to experience the natural scenery and enhance the team’s feelings.

A flower alone is not spring, and it is full of spring and spring. The research team attaches great importance to the comprehensive training of talents, and the students in the group diversify under the atmosphere of enthusiastic and active research groups. At present, there are ten outstanding young people, the chairman of the Institute of Chemical Research, the class leader of Tailei, the top ten singers, the assistants of the guides, the student officers of the society, and so on. In the 120th anniversary celebration, fluorescent night run, school basketball game and other activities are active in the multi-scale process to strengthen the team of students. The graduates of the research group are all over the country, working in many well-known enterprises and colleges at home and abroad, and contributing their own strength to the country and the society.

With more than 20 years of construction and accumulation, the multi-scale process strengthening team has made great achievements, and the peaches and plums on the land of the motherland are fragrant. Behind the glory is one night after another, and the aura of the light is the persistence of not failing again and again. Looking back on the past, glory and dedication have become the exclusive memories of the past; looking to the future, we will be more and more prosperous, with responsibility and responsibility to write a more splendid chapter.